NHT’s Fleet

Our fleet is comprised of 2010 Ford E250’s ADA-compliant ambulettes and wheelchair vans which are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards, meet all federal regulations, and are crash tested. Our vehicles are converted by Mobility Works which is one of the nations leaders in ambulette and wheelchair conversions. For more information, please visit www.mobilityworks.com.

In addition all our fleet is equipped with Safety Vision, Gamin Navigation System, Vericom GPS tracker, and TrboTalk™. We also have GPS-based driver behavioral management & Mobile Resource Management.

Last but not least, our fleet is equipped with high resolution forward facing & cab facing color cameras and a Mobile Digital Event Recorder for capturing:

– Passenger Pick-up & Drop-off recording with voice audio
– Speeding
– Erratic Driving
– Accidents

In short, NHT has the most advanced, reliable, and high tech Fleet in the industry.

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