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National Health Transport has become a leader in the medical Transportation Industry, adding to their fleet 19 BLS and 6 ALS Units, with Ventilator and Bariatric capabilities.

National Health Transport has been servicing Miami Dade County for over 5 years providing advanced an basic life support services, in addition we provide professional, door-to-door transportation to the elderly and the disabled. NHT provides transportation to dialysis, radiation and chemo therapy, nursing homes, rehabs, rehabilitation centers, convalescent facilities, long term care facilities, and assisted living centers.

We assist clients from time of pick-up to drop-off to make sure that they get there safely and in plenty of time. Each medical van is custom built to pass the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. They are equipped with specially operated wheel chair lifts. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to respond with promptness, sensitivity and integrity. They are thoughtful and compassionate people who truly empathize and understand the difficulties that arise for persons with limited mobility. Each driver has a clean record and has completed Standard CPR and First Aid Training.

Stretcher Non-emergency stretcher transportation is intended for use by patients that are unable to sit upright for medical or comfort reasons, but are not likely to be in need of medical attention during transport.

Wheelchair For disabled or wheelchair using individuals in need of transportation to a medical appointment. NHT supplies non-emergency Wheelchair Van transportation. For a fraction of the cost of an ambulance transport, our Wheelchair Van service allows our clients to be conveniently transported to and from medical appointments. Plus, you’ll find the comfort in knowing that all of our Wheelchair Van vehicles are ADA approved and staffed with trained professionals.

Marchman Act Chapter 397, Florida Statutes, the Hal S. Marchman Alcohol and other Drug Services Act of 1993 (commonly known as the Marchman Act). The Marchman Act deals with many aspects of alcohol and drug abuse. NHT provides transportation for these clients in secure vehicles to detoxification services, non-residential day treatment centers, outpatient services, peri-natal addition programs, homeless assistance and prevention and outreach centers.

Baker Act The Florida Mental Health Act, Chapter 394, Florida Statutes (commonly known as the Baker Act). The Baker Act provides the procedures for a person to seek help from the court when a friend or family member suffers from a mental illness. NHT provides transportation for their clients in secure vehicles to hospitals, emergency rooms and mental health receiving facilities. These transport services are provided locally and long distance for these clients.

Ambulatory Ambulatory transport services shall be provided to patients who are able to ambulate with or without assistance and who require minimal assistance transitioning in and out of the passenger seat of a vehicle.

Our professionals are ready to assist with all of your medical transportation needs. For more information on our services contact us or to book online use our online booking form.

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