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National Health Transport is an Ambulance Service and Non-Medical Transportation Company focused on the needs of the clients we transport. The ability to provide superior patient care, great customer service and to keep our company growing depends on the continued professional development of our world-class workforce.

NHT employs world class practitioners.  We recruit based on our first in class salary, benefits, and working environment.  NHT is proud to provide our workforce with the  latest technology and equipment designed to make their job easier.

All new employees receive a thorough orientation that includes the fundamentals of first-class safety, emergency transportation, how to deliver great customer service and how to have continued success in our industry. This is followed up with continued field training supervision and monthly evaluations of each part of their day-to-day job duties.


Our main goal is to take care of the needs of our customers first and company second.

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NHT’s Fleet

Our fleet is comprised latest models which are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards that meet all federal regulations, and are crash tested. 

Our fleet is equipped with high resolution forward facing & cab facing color cameras and a Mobile Digital Event Recorder for capturing events used for training and educating our staff in addition to:


NHT Communications

NHT’s commitment to excellent customer service starts in the communications center. Each team member is trained to the highest standards. Record keeping and call routing begins the second the phone rings. 

All NHT vehicles are equipped Motorola Digital Two-way Radios. 

Our state-of-the-art Dispatch Software enables dispatching and tracking of all our vehicles and client requests in real time to ensure safety, quality care, and first-class deployment activities.

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